Welcome to the GMF family!

Here at Green Mountain Fire, we work hard to make sure each and every customer feels welcome and cared for! We know it isn’t always about staying lifted. Many of our customers come in for more than just a great high… they are looking for the medication that helps them feel better. No matter your needs or desires, we’ll take good care of you!

We have a vast array of flower to choose from, with price points for every budget. Currently hosting over fifty (50) strains from more than a dozen farms, we know you’ll find the affects you’re looking for! GMF carries a variety of Edibles, RSO, and Vape Cartridges with THC, and CBD options, including 1:1, 2:1, and 10:1 variations. Our selection of topical items is constantly evolving to include the most effective pain and inflammation treatments the cannabis industry has to offer. For our darling dabbers, GMF carries half and full gram distillate and Co2 drippers, and every kind of wax/oil there is; shatter, sugar wax, honeycomb and crumble, and some very terpy sauces as well! Come check out our diamonds!

If you are looking for something specific and we don’t have, we can order it for you or help you find a place that has it currently in stock! We are here for you!

We pride ourselves on having the best deals in town and even though we have only been open for six months, GMF has been a constant trend setter for Portland Metro area dispensaries! We have seen dozens of dispensaries change their deals to compete with ours. We take care to build strong and lasting relationships with our vendors in order to pass along genuine value to our cherished customers! This means paying close attention not only to more popular brands, but also what YOU want to see on our shelves, and the smaller boutique farms and processors that carry the highest quality products.

Daily Deals and Specials


Munchie Monday: 20% OFF  Edibles!

Top Shelf Tuesday: 20% OFF  Premium Flower!

Waxy Wednesday: 20% OFF  dabbables!

Therapeutic Thursday: 20% OFF All Topicals and Tinctures - Plus CBD products! (3% or more CBD)

Fatty Friday: Get 4 Grams for the price of an Eighth!

Satur-Jay Special: 10% OFF  Pre-rolled Joints!

Secret Sunday: 20% OFF  Cartridges!


Other Deals

Friday Night Blunts: 6pm to 8pm 15% OFF all Blunts. / Buy 2 grams or more, get $1.00 off Blunt Wraps

Veteran’s/Senior/OLCC Discount: 10% OFF (With ID)

Strain of the Week: 15% OFF the chosen strain.


20% off ALL JOINTS/BLUNTS until April 1st!

$48 Ounces (You might even find some gorgeous seeds to plant!)


$30 Quarters/Halfs!